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Copeland Book Market & Frank’s @ Bold Tendencies, Peckham.

i.phpAs a regular contributor to The Modernist Magazine, I was pleased to receive an invitation last Thursday evening to the London launch event of Issue No.8 “Carried Away” at the Copeland Book Market.

Situated on the eighth floor of an underused multi storey car park in Peckham, it was a good opportunity to both meet the editors of the magazine who have been kind enough to keep selecting my written offerings, and also to visit Frank’s Cafe, the seasonal bar and restaurant on the top floor that friends of ours have been telling us to go and visit for ages now.

Carried-Away---cover-webThe book market was really interesting. Full of beautiful, self and small scale published books, it was an inspiration as to what can be achieved when ideas, talent and enthusiasm are in greater supply than money. More evidence to my eyes (if it were needed) that the death of the printed page has been greatly over exaggerated…

The floor below the open roof deck on which the book market was held, is part of Bold Tendencies, a non-profit  initiative which commissions art and cultural based projects over the summer months that the car park is open, and there’s some lovely stuff up there.

As for Frank’s itself, it’s definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area, although checking exactly how to get there online before you go will save seemingly endless wandering up and down Rye Lane trying to find it…


When the weather is good and hot like it was last week, the only downside of somewhere like this is that queues can be quite long, so my tip of the day is to walk to the far end of the roof, past the old Mercedes and the spangly wind blown sculpture, where there is a little satellite bar that always seems to be free…

Then once you’ve got your drink you can, like Darren and I did, spend ages and ages just looking out over the roofscape of this wonderful City.




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