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Lazy Post No. 3: Henry Flint. Now there’s a man that can draw…

September 11, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

I haven’t written about a comic book artist for a while, so today I’m adopting my new lazy post strategy to put up some of the dizzyingly involved and detailed work of Henry Flint, a wildly talented British artist responsible for work primarily in the 2000AD comic, where his work on such classic strips as Rogue Trooper, Judge Dredd, Nikolai Dante and Shakara to name just a few, has undoubtedly created some of the most memorable images of the last couple of decades or so, and brought these often complex stories alive for may thousands of people…


Flint was also responsible for the rather fine sleeve for DJ Food’s Search Engine LP of a few years back on one of my favorite labels, Ninja Tune…

Search Engine_bigger

So whilst I fully accept that explosions, guns, mutants and destruction on a huge scale are not to everybody’s tastes, I’m sure with a closer look, there are aspects of Flint’s work that can be appreciated by anybody, as he is undoubtedly one of our finest comic book artists…


Samurai Megazine cover

House of Mystery

1st Zombo cover




  1. Meech
    September 11, 2013 at 10:08

    I’m no comic connoisseur but that man can draw! Ta Joe.

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