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Virgin Records – 40 Years of Disruptions…

October 30, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

virgin40leadphoto_0_0I popped in to see the Virgin Records exhibition over the weekend, a better reason for a trip down memory lane I can’t think of..

Being the age I am (i.e the wrong side of 45) a not inconsiderable chunk of my record collection has been provided by that lovely man Mr Branson: Simple Minds, The Human League, Japan, XTC and Tangerine Dream on the original label, then following their purchase of Charisma Records in the early 80’s, Genesis, Peter Gabriel and Brand X. Post the EMI merger/ buyout ten years later, bands like Massive Attack, The Chemical Brothers and LCD Soundsystem joined my collection, all in all an impressive selection and cross section of music…

The exhibition itself was primarily a series of images, posters, photographs, record sleeves and the like suspended from a series of timber plank/ scaffold structures, with intermittent displays of 40 years of collected memorabilia. The Public Image Limited badges, Phil Collins’s drum kit and Spice Girl coke cans were three things that stuck in my mind, not to mention a rather fine print of Roger Dean’s original design for the label (which one suspects would struggle to find approval in today’s more sensitive political climate…)

It was all beautifully lit and was located in a pretty amazing basement space under Victoria House off Southampton Row. I’ve no idea why it was only on for a few days. Criminal really, it could (and should) have been open for a much longer run and it’s a shame if you missed the opportunity to see and experience such an impressive contribution to our popular culture…






  1. Brian Sullivan
    December 29, 2013 at 01:56

    Thanks for all of your interesting posts.
    Richard Branson appears in the video for
    XTC – Generals and Majors

  2. April 3, 2014 at 05:49

    wow 40 years,an im sure the years ahead are going to be filled with just as much magic!.

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