The Scary Mind of Guillermo del Toro…

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61YVRAr+-MLI read a short article over the weekend about a recently published book by Guillermo del Toro, the hugely talented Mexican film director and writer who’s brought such strangeness as Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth and The Orphanage to life on the big screen…

This new book entitled Cabinet of Curiosities takes pages from his many and ever present note and sketchbooks and uses them to explain how, why and where the various monsters, deformities and horrors that he creates, fit into his filmic vision…

What’s made me stop and think, are the similarities of some of these pages, to the books made by the protagonist of David Fincher’s 1995 film Seven. With their intense and finely detailed drawings surrounded by dense areas of almost illegible text, they are a dead ringer for the leather bound volumes that were found when the police broke into John Doe’s flat. The image below is a compilation of pages from John Doe’s books I found online…


In case you haven’t seen the film, John Doe (played by a very detached Kevin Spacey) is the coldly calculating, highly intelligent, deluded and misguided individual who sets out to create his life’s masterpiece via a series of killings arranged over a year long period that reflect each of the Seven deadly sins. It’s a great film with the ultimate revelation of the sins of Envy and Wrath still having the power to shock…


I obviously need to be careful here. My intention is not to cast any aspersions in Mr. del Toro’s direction (who always comes across as pretty nice guy in the interviews I’ve read and seen). But if it wasn’t for it’s output via his films and writing, what might such a highly creative and let’s be honest, warped imagination be capable of? The differences between a mind like del Toro’s and John Doe’s, must be relatively small, with only del Toro having the moral control aspects required to be a valuable and productive member of society…

It’s probably not a book I’ll be buying however, it’s all a bit on the dark side for my tastes. I like Sci-Fi, fantasy and graphic novel escapism, but I’m not much into horror, tortured souls and deformity…

Guillermo Del Toro



Guillermo Del Toro


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