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Sochi Medals and Russian Meteorites…

February 9, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

sochi-2014-olympic-medal_large_verge_medium_landscapeThe medals that have been designed for this years Winter at Olympics at Sochi are looking pretty sharp…

In keeping with the entire Winter Olympic theme, the design is centered around the idea of the contrasts that embody Russia: Europe meeting Asia, pristine nature set against huge cities, and innovation alongside its rich cultural heritage.

The usual metals of bronze, silver and gold, have been embellished with a rather stylish glass element, through which “the sun’s golden rays are deflected as through a prism of snowy mountain tops, the warm sea and frosty ice living side-by-side.” The glass has been engraved with the patchwork quilt design seen throughout the games, and which represents the “mosaic of national designs from the various cultures and ethnicities of the Russian Federation.”

MeteoriteAll very nice…

Another aspect of the Sochi Medals that intrigues me, is that the 7 gold medal winners scheduled for Saturday 15th February, will all receive an additional gold medal, embedded into which is a small piece of the meteorite that landed near the Russian city of Chelyabinsk on that exact day last year.

You may remember seeing videos and images of the meteorite as it made its fiery way across the Russian skies before exploding with a power greater than 20 atomic bombs and smashing into the Russian landscape, causing widespread injury and damage.


The shards for the Olympic medals have been taken from the largest chunk that landed in Chebarkul Lake, deep in the Ural Mountains, and which was finally retrieved after a three week long operation, weighing in at 650kg (before it was sadly dropped and split into  3 pieces…)

Which, after reading the reports this weekend about courses and tracks being too short or too long (an believable 750m too long in the case of the 15km Ladies Skiathlon according to one BBC commentator) hotels rooms being neither ready nor habitable and technical problems at the opening ceremony, may have been an early indication of things to come…

Chelyabinsk meteorite


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