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Vitaliy & Vadim: Roof Hackers who know no fear…

February 18, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

If you can watch this video to the end without getting a sickening clenching feeling in your lower regions, and an uncontrollable need to hold onto your chair, you’re doing better than me, especially from about 4.50 mins to the end of the film. The nonchalance and confidence of these two crazy people, is in equal parts terrifying and impressive… (is he really standing up with no hands holding anything at the very end?)

Vitaliy & Vadim, a Ukrainian and a Russian are slowly climbing the highest structures across the planet, and as a result are being banned from all the countries in which these structures stand. Which seems like a high price to pay for a hobby, but then again I’m not into extreme hobbies… and can only imagine what first hand experience of being so high feels like.

More details of their amazing stunt can be found here on ArchDaily should you be interested, but here are a few stills from their unbelievable journey up to the top, the very top of the topper most crane of the worlds soon to be, second tallest building, The Shanghai Tower, 650m above the ground…

Vitaliy & Vadim_3

Vitaliy & Vadim_1

Vitaliy & Vadim_2


A view of the cranes at the top of the tower from a helicopter..

  1. moi
    February 19, 2014 at 11:12

    My toes were curling from about 1.33, i could not do that, not matter what.

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