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William Mitchell at the RIBA…

February 24, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

RIBA web front page_BMNow here’s a thing…

There’s a photo of my friend Bill Mitchell on the welcome page of the RIBA web site. That’s him bottom right, leaning against his amazing Corn King & Spring Queen figures at the Cement & Concrete Association.

The reason for this rather impressive achievement, is that Bill has been invited to give a presentation at that august institute on the evening of Tuesday March 4th, in a couple of weeks time.

Bill is probably most well known for his work as an artist and sculptor whose remarkable and idiosyncratic work has graced public housing, civil projects, Company Headquarters and Cathedrals across the UK. As part of the RIBA’s current season of events entitled The Brits Who Built The Modern World however, Bill will focus on the work he produced overseas, particularly throughout the 1970’s and 80’s. During this highly creative period, Bill worked on zoo’s in Qatar, transit systems in San Fransisco and Civic Centers in Hawaii.

Should be good. I’ve seen Bill speak several times now and he’s an articulate and passionate speaker whose memory for  detail and nuance is enviably sharp for a man well into his 80’s.

If you are interested, Bill’s autobiography has recently been published by Whittles and is available now.

I’ll leave with you with a screen grab of the details of Bill’s talk along with some images of his amazing concrete fountains at the Federal Building in Honolulu, Hawaii and the fiberglass murals at Richmond Station on the BART, San Fransisco…

(Click the screen grab below to follow the link to the RIBA…)

RIBA web BM page



WM_Fed Bldg of Hawaii_1

WM_Richmond Station BART


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