Manchester Modernist Magazine – MKII

MM No. 10I’m very, very late with this post, in fact it was only writing the previous one that reminded me…

The Manchester Modernist which has been good enough to publish a number of my submissions has done so again in their latest issue, which actually came out at the end of last year.

After an impressive eight issues over the last two years or so, the Editors have understandably decided to update the layout and appearance of their magazine, to help keep it fresh through the next couple…

This first offering in their new livery (Issue 9/ Dinky) takes an obvious cue (to my eyes anyway) from Ben Kelly and Peter Saville’s work at that most infamous of Manchester’s cultural institutions The Hacienda, which is a pretty cool move for a magazine devoted to post war arts and culture, especially when so much of contemporary culture is about re appropriation and reinterpretation. And anyway, it’s probably only the 40 somethings like myself that would associate hazard stripes with Manchester…

My “dinky” piece is all about the graphic artist and designer David Gentleman and his work with Tony Benn in the early 1960’s to modernise that most ubiquitous and overlooked of mini masterpieces, the humble postage stamp…

Why not treat yourself and buy the issue here. It’s only a couple of quid, or subscribe and get the next four issues. It’s a fascinating read and deserves all the support it can get…

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