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The Increasing Value of the Coins in your Pocket…

Next time you’re looking through your small change, keep an eye out for the following UK commemorative coins. If you find any of them, you could be in for a pleasant surprise (especially if you bang it up on eBay…)

Kew_50 Pence_2009The one that’s in the news at the moment is the Kew Gardens 50p. Issued in 2009 and limited to a mintage of only around 200,000 (anywhere between 3 and 11 million is a more usual mintage for commemorative 50p’s) this rare coin is currently changing hands for around £200

But there are others that are worth looking out for…

The 2008, 20p coin. When the Royal Mint redesigned the definitive UK set of coins (i.e. the ones you see every day) in 2008, the new design had the date on the Obverse side (the Queens head side).

Undated20pThe old design however had the date on the reverse side. For reasons that are unclear, there was a mismatch of the dies/ stamps used to make the new coins when it was first minted and the old obverse (Queen’s Head) was used on the new reverse (the lions back legs). It’s the middle combination of the three versions to the right.

Confusing perhaps, but the upshot is simple: there are somewhere between 50,000 and 200,000 20p coins with no date on them… Find one of those and you could be £100 better off.

st-change-checker-spot-the-difference-olympics-aquatics-50p-coin-2Then there is the Swimming Olympic Games 50p. The initial design had the swimmers face much more obscured by water than the reworked final version. Around 600 of these first coins were issued and if you’ve got one, they are currently worth around £3000.

Finally we have a lettering mistake. In 2005, a £2 coin was issued to mark the 400th anniversary of Guy Fawkes and the gun powder plot. It seems the dies used to stamp the inscription around the edge were not 100% accurate resulting in the words “Pemember Pemember The 5th of November” appearing rather than the more familiar phrase… These are only worth about £20, but it’d still be a nice thing to find…


And in case you’ve ever wondered why the edge inscription on the £2 coin sometimes reads correctly with the reverse side up and sometimes with the obverse side up, it’s simply because the inscription is rolled into the edge of the blank disk before the two faces are stamped, and the blank is allowed to fall into the coin press as it will…

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