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Neville Brody & England’s Brazil 2014 shirt…

Neville-Brody-typeface-for-England-Football-team-at-2014-World-Cup_dezeen_1sqI’ll be straight with you. I generally find football, footballers and all things football related tedious in the extreme. Overrated, overpaid and overexposed, it’s a sport whose histrionics, tribalism and small mindedness, have always left me cold…

Until now that is, and the news that the great Neville Brody, easily one of this countries finest graphic designers, has recently unveiled his new typeface for the names and numbers on the back of the new England shirt, to be worn at the Brazil 2014 World Cup.

Invited by Nike to develop the new typeface, Brody described his inspiration as the “focus on the intersection between flair and workmanlike reliability,” and additionally that “The industrialised suggestion of a stencil was simultaneously based on a pinstripe motif, combining style with no-frills efficiency.”

Not exactly sure about all that, but I do like the typeface. It’s clean, legible, contemporary and although you can’t see the pin stripe within the lettering on this image, it definitely adds something to the whole, with the white woven into the blue…

Apparently the design for the shirt itself took inspiration from the 1970 kit, and from the armour of the Medieval Knights… As I said, I know little about it, but I’m guessing that we’ll need more than armour to stand any chance of getting out of the first round (or whatever…)

There’s actually a bit of an outcry here in the UK press about the cost of these new shirts at the moment, and without doubt £90 for a synthetic tee shirt is pretty steep. As such, I suspect I will be in a very, very small minority of people who are now considering buying one because of the pedigree of the typeface on the back, rather than the ego of the player inside…

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