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Lazy Post no. 13 : Doris Day…

article-2598358-1CD5CDC400000578-461_634x758Well you learn something everyday…

Doris Day, that most iconic of actors is still alive and well and celebrated her 90th birthday yesterday, Sunday 6th April. Although in truth, it may have been her 92nd birthday, as census records suggest Doris Mary Ann Kappelhoff (her original name) was born in 1920, and not 1922 as she claims).

But regardless of these specifics, there’s no doubt she’s still going strong, waving to fans from the safety of this rather impressive balcony at her home in Carmel, overlooking the golf course and country club where she seems to spend most her time these days…

Since her last film “With Six you get Eggroll” in 1968 (no, me neither) and her TV shows from the mid 1970’s, Day has consciously avoided all publicity, devoting her time and efforts to a variety of animal welfare causes (hence the strangely disconcerting photo at the end of this post). Initially this prompted a backlash against her as the lack of any hard information resulted in almost unending speculation about her looks, weight and private life, which in turn only strengthened her determination to keep away from the spotlight.

I’ve always thought Doris was pretty good in Alfred Hitchcock’s The Man who Knew Too Much with Jimmy Stewart from 1956, a film that bridged the gap between the musicals of the early 50’s and the later romantic comedies for which she is best known. Hitchcock apparently insisted on Doris for the role of Mrs. Jo McKenna, against the wishes of the studio, and it was this faith that allowed her to demonstrate a more serious side to her acting skills.

So happy birthday to Doris Day…


It’s now Tuesday 8th April and since I wrote this yesterday, I’ve also learned that Mickey Rooney was still alive. I say was, because sadly he passed away yesterday at the ripe old age of 93.

Makes me wonder how many more Hollywood legends are forgotten but not gone… Perhaps uncharitably, an image of faded stars sitting in darkened rooms repeatedly watching their old films, a la Bette Davis in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, or Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard comes into mind, wistfully remembering the good times when everyone knew everything about them…

Poster - Man Who Knew Too Much, The (1956)_02




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