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Lucy McLauchlan: Creator of Beautiful Things…

lucymc_maskI’ve recently been introduced to the amazing work of Lucy McLauchlan, an artist with an exquiste eye and an enviable ability to express herself.

I don’t know much about her I’m afraid other than she’s based in Birmigham and was a founding member of the Beat 13 Collective formed back in 1999.

I like that she doesn’t seem to limit herself in what she uses to produce her art, with her work adorning outside walls and buildings, ceramics, timber, found objects and cars as well as the more usual paper and canvas. All of which objects she decorates (and I say that with the highest possible regard) with the most wonderful, predominanly black and white swirls, faces and birds…

She has unsurprisingly built up a growing reputation within the graphic and street art communities and from what I can gather from the internet, seems to spend her time being invited to all corners of the globe to participate in shows, happenings and installations, a very enviable position to be in…

Lucy’s own site is here but if you just type her name into Google, all sorts of wonderousness appears, and I’ll leave you with just a few of my favourites…

Stuck in Mind














A Different Kind of Freedom

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