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Martin Creed @ The Haywood, South Bank

Martin-Creed-at-the-Haywa-012Warning: this is a Things I DON’T Like post, and contains negative vibes. Read only if you’re in a positive frame of mind and open to some unbridled (but honest) criticism…

As Southbank members (i.e. it was free to get in) and on what was the last day of the exhibition, extended to take in the bank holiday weekend, we popped in yesterday to the Martin Creed exhibition, to see what all the fuss was about…

In summary, we wasted 20 precious minutes looking at what is by some considerable margin, the most disappointing, dispiriting and depressingly thin pile of kaka I’ve ever had the misfortune to experience, desperately trying to find at least one thing that had any merit, one thing that made us stop and think, “yeah, that was worth coming for, I like that…”

Nothing, not a thing. Just pile after pile of derivative rubbish… Not an original piece in the whole show. Anyone with an ounce of art history could point to any of this stuff and tell you exactly where Creed took his “inspiration” from. Even this promo shot “borrows” someone else’s iconography (step forward Rene Magritte).

When they come to clear it up over the next few weeks, I can only hope that it will all just be skipped, save anyone else having to waste time on it, as landfill is surely what it constitutes…

It winds me up no end that an artist whose entire oeuvre consists of two, generally poorly executed ideas i.e repetition and scale, can merit a full on retrospective at the Hayward Gallery. Maybe it’s me, but I really just don’t get it. I know art (good and bad) should fire the senses and illicit emotions and opinion, and this surely does, but leaving an exhibition of such banality, angry at the obvious (and possibly deliberate, which makes it worse) crassness of it all, can never be a good thing, can it?

What’s the Point of It? Mr Creed asks through a sneer of postmodern irony. Absolutely none whatsoever I reply, except to say thank f*ck we didn’t pay £11 to see it…


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