Reggie Pedro & Gomez…

Bring it on (Album cover)Gomez were on the radio earlier today, whatever happened to them? I was never a huge fan, but Whipping Piccadilly was a pretty good tune and their 1998 Mercury Prize winning album Bring it On certainly had its moments…

Anyway hearing them again reminded me of their record sleeves and cover artwork, which I’d always really liked.

The covers were created by Reggie Pedro, a South Londoner born in the early 1970’s and who I’ve just found out, sadly passed away in 2007.

Pedro’s paintings are wonderfully bold montages of colour and shape, populated with figures whose features may be indistinct, but whose presence within the work is always hugely powerful. With obvious references to his Camberwell upbringing, his style is reminiscent of Jean-Michel Basquiat, although I would contend that Pedro’s are generally better executed, less scratchy and with more atmosphere and depth.

It’s been a real pleasure revisiting these fine images again, and it’s sad to think that there’ll be no more…

Whippin' Piccadilly

RP_LE_Bring it on

Walk for road

78 stone wobble

Fire Love


Get myself arrested








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