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Lazy Post No. 18 : Lego, cables & Sugru…

Lego-and-Sugru-wire-holders_dezeen_468_8Today’s intriguing fact of the day is that Lego minifigures gripping hands are just the right size to hold charger cables and headphone jacks…

A fine discovery that I will help my Star Wars minifigures put into effect as soon as I get home tonight…

Sugru is a new thing to me as well.. It appears to be a self setting silicone rubber compound that can be moulded like Play Doh, then stuck to or formed around any number of shapes and surfaces, where it cures overnight forming a strong, waterproof bond that still retains its flexibility. Definitely sounds like something you didn’t know you could live without…

The original story is here on Dezeen

  1. Tim
    July 2, 2014 at 09:45

    Just don’t get your Sugru mixed up with your chewing gum…

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