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Kruder & Dorfmeister: DJ Kicks

Oh happy day! Not only is that spawn of Satan, Gove finally on his way to oblivion, but I’ve just found out that one of my all time favourite DJ compilations (and believe me, I’ve got hundreds of the things) has made its way up onto Spotify, so a big thank you to K7 Records for that, you’ve made my day…

Like all DJ compilations, Kruder & Dorfmeister’s DJ Kicks undeniably represents a sound very much of its time, an Austrian concoction often described as dub or down tempo or even lazy beats. But for me the stand out tunes are the faster drum and bass ones that lift this collection way above the competition…

Beautifully sequenced and effortlessly mixed (the pick up in tempo from track 2 to track 3, or the rolling kick drum at the start of track 6 will always bring a huge smile to my face) this record sends me straight back to the mid/ late 90’s when me and Dan were to be found down at Stealth in Hoxton or wandering around strange fields at one of the early Big Chill Festivals

All I need now is for Cold Cut’s 70 Minutes of Musical Madness, Darren Emerson’s Uruguay/ Global Underground and Terry Francis’s Architecture so appear, and I will never complain about Spotify’s new black skin again..

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