The Future Library Project…

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This has caught my imagination today…

Katie Paterson, a young Scottish artist has had, and implemented the most wonderful idea. Over the summer she and her team have planted over 1000 trees in a beautiful forest wilderness called Nordmarka, about 20 minutes outside Oslo in Norway.


Every year for the next century, a respected writer will be invited to submit an offering to the Project, which sounds like an excellent idea in itself, but there is a cunning twist. All the submissions will remain secret and unread by anyone until 2114, i.e after 100 years have elapsed. Then and only then, will the trees be chopped down and pulped to make paper sufficient for all the works to be printed, and then read for the first time…

Margaret AtwoodThe first invited writer is Margaret Atwood, who understandably is very excited by the prospect. “It’s the kind of thing you either immediately say yes or no to. You don’t think about it for very long. I think it goes right back to that phase of our childhood when we used to bury little things in the backyard, hoping that someone would dig them up, long in the future, and say, ‘How interesting, this rusty old piece of tin, this little sack of marbles is. I wonder who put it there?'”

Over the intervening years, the submitted works will be stored under lock and key in a specially designed room in an Oslo Public Library, the walls of which will be lined with wood from the forest…

Paterson said that The Future Library “has nature, the environment at its core – and involves ecology, the interconnectedness of things, those living now and still to come. It questions the present tendency to think in short bursts of time, making decisions only for us living now. It freaks me out a bit when I think that many of the writers (who will finally be published in 2114) aren’t born yet.

What a fantastic concept, I wish it every success, and am only marginally disappointed that I will never see it come to fruition…

I can’t help but remember those closing scenes of François Truffaut‘s masterful 1966 film of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, in which “human books” wander around a wintry forest reciting the passages they’ve committed to learn by heart, keeping the “written” word alive for future generations to enjoy…




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