Reso Temjin

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square-600The odd couplet of words that make up the title of this post will mean little to most people, but since my discovery of this amazing record a month or so ago, I’ve listened to virtually nothing else and its time to spread the word…

Originally released back in 2009, this mind blowing collection of tunes is everything electronic music (and in Reso’s case dub step) can be; beautifully crafted, wildly eclectic, endlessly imaginative and perfectly sequenced…

It was whilst I was helping my friend Danny Kudos reorganise parts of his warehouse, that I came across this wonderful cover in a delivery from Civil Music, a label who had recently entrusted their distribution needs to the Kudos Team.

The artwork alone would have been reason enough for me to find out more, but I’d heard the guys in the warehouse talking about the artists on the Civil Music label, and with intriguing names like Reso, Om Unit and Ital Tek, I had to find out more…

Reso is Alex Melia, a UK based producer who “blends heightened technological futurism with dancefloor prowess to create a densely cinematic musical universe” and “On Temjin wobble, hypercrunk, breaks, wonky, hip-hop and D n B all receive the treatment. Reso’s deep musicality, incredible skill, intricate programming and wildly diverse references place him at the peak of a new breed of electronic producers.”

The above quotes are taken from Reso’s label pages here and I would struggle to put it better myself (although I have to admit I’m not exactly clear what hypercrunk and wonky sound like…)

Anyway see what you think. Like much of the music I seem to be drawn to, it’s not easy listening and certainly won’t be everybody’s cup of tea, but the sounds on this record open up whole new worlds of sonic possibility. I never thought I’d find a collection of tracks that so effortlessly channeled the spirits of Daft Punk, Amon Tobin, Andy C & Ram Records, LTJ Bukem, Aphex Twin and Tangerine Dream, to such stunning effect… Check out Hyperglide at about 3 minutes in for an awesome analog synth solo straight out 1973…

I’ll finish with more fine covers from some of Reso’s other records, a man who obviously has similar sci-fi tastes to my own…

Check 1 2

Heavy Arms



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