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Joseph’s Yard: Charles Keeping…

December 3, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

_MG_9552My new job finds me in Spitalfields, an area I know pretty well from evenings and weekends spent there experiencing its undoubted charms for the last 20 years or so, but it’s interesting being able to now discover its lunchtime delights… Not the least of which are more varieties of food than you could ever imagine, a huge second hand vinyl market every third (I think) Friday and an even bigger second hand/ tat  market… Which is where for the princely sum of £1, I came across this rather marvelous little book… Written and illustrated by Charles Keeping and published in 1969, its the simple story of a boy whose back yard is barren and full of rusty old junk. One day he answers the call of the rag and bone man and swaps the iron junk for a plant… _MG_9556 After pulling up a stone and digging the plant into the dirt, Joseph watches it grow and then die back in the winter only to see it bloom again the following spring, encouraging cats, birds and insects to all come to spend time with Joseph in his yard… _MG_9567 Maybe not quite a classic, but it was for kids and apart from Joseph’s teeth (which are a tad disconcerting in a number of instances) it’s the glorious illustrations that really make the book for me. Executed in a riot of different styles and patterns, every page is dense with colour and texture, almost completely overpowering the simplicity of the story at times, but leaving a lasting impression all the same… Charles Keeping is sadly no longer with us, but I came across this site managed by his wife, dedicated to his many wonderful book illustrations and from where I’ve borrowed these images (as our scanners bust at the moment…) _MG_9575 _MG_9572 _MG_9571 _MG_9566 _MG_9570

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