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Chris Squire – RIP

I’m very saddened to learn of the death yesterday (27th June) from leukaemia, of Chris Squire, the bass player and only member of the prog band Yes to play on every single studio record they made, from their formation way back in 1968 until last years… erm, whatever it was called (to be honest, I gave up listening to the new records many moons ago…)


But back in my teenage days, I was a huge Yes fan. I got my mum to embroider their wondrous Roger Dean designed logo on the back of my denim jacket, bought American imports of records I already had just because they had different covers and paid ridiculous sums of money for 12″ singles on blue vinyl…

The trio of records they released during 1971 and 72, namely The Yes Album, Fragile and Close to the Edge meant more to me musically than virtually anything else, and until my discovery of Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream in the mid 80’s when I went to Uni and headed inexorably towards the electronica that makes my ears happy today, I would eagerly espouse their merits to anyone within earshot…. I still rate Close to Edge very highly, so much so it inspired one of my tattoos

A truly phenomenal bass player, the complex patterns, lines and rhythms Chris created using his trademark Rickenbacker 4001 are certainly not to everyone’s taste, but his technical ability was beyond doubt. The sad irony is that I saw an advert only 2 days ago in Saturday’s Guardian Guide for a Yes gig next year at the Albert Hall, where they planned to play two albums, Fragile and Drama all the way through… And said I should go, for old times sake, and I admit I was thinking about it…

Now I guess it won’t happen… Yes are famous for having replaced every single member of the band at one time or the other over their 46 odd year career, but somehow a Yes without Chris Squire, surely that’s a step too far. The journey had to end sometime…

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