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Tremaen Lamp Base

March 21, 2011 Leave a comment

We went to the Mid Century Modern Show at Dulwich College yesterday and although we couldn’t find the sideboard we were after, we did finally manage to get a large ceramic lamp base. We’ve wanted one for ages now (see previous post) and it seems our waiting has paid off…

Whilst it may not be to everyones tastes, we think it’s a fine object. It was made by Tremaen Pottery sometime between 1972 and 1978 and is from their Sculptural series, with this style known as Bowjey. The Bowjey style came in a variety of colours with ours being cream with greeny blue highlighting.

It stands about 16″ or 45cm high and is in perfect condition. We paid a bit over the odds for it I think, but then it was at a show and it was still a bargain, being exactly what we wanted… Now all we have to do is find a big shade to go with it.

We also ended up with this rather wonderful teak fish tray. A fell in love with him on sight and he just had to come and live on our living room wall, keeping all the other animals company.


Tremaen Pottery

August 15, 2010 Leave a comment

Whilst looking for something else I came across Tremaen Pottery. A small, very stylish pottery studio started in the mid 1960’s by Peter Ellery and based in Newlyn, Cornwall. We really must make an effort to get down there as another favourite ceramic artist of mine Eric Leaper, was also based in Newlyn)

We then tried to buy this rather fine 45cm high Tremaen lamp base from Ebay and very annoyingly lost out in the last 10 seconds by 50p….  I really must learn how to use sniping software…

An amazing find… An original Basil Spence lithograph of Coventry Cathedral from 1957

November 22, 2011 3 comments

I’ve written a number of times before about synchronicity & The Lattice of Coincidence, or how a sequence of events can be given greater significance than they may deserve (especially by me). Well here’s another one for you…

One of the most amazing things to have come out of writing this blog is that I’ve become friends with the Artist William Mitchell and his lovely wife Joy. After reading some of my posts, Bill got in contact with me and we’ve since met up a couple of times. He’s an amazing guy, still making art, still a bit of a raconteur. He’s obviously lived the life and worked all over the world, with several appearances on Tomorrow’s World and various other entertainment shows throughout the 1960’s, whilst latterly he’s worked for Mohamed Al-Fayed.

We got talking about his work for various Architects during the 60’s and 70’s and I told him I was struggling to finish an overly long post on the Architecture Exhibition of the Festival of Britain at Poplar, and that it had now divided itself into 2 parts, the second of which wanted to be just about Frederick Gibberd, one of our most succesful post war architects…

“Aahh Freddy”, said Bill “I knew him well…” and off he went telling stories of a perfect gentleman with a big moustache, who sounded like a thoroughly nice chap indeed and who he had worked with on several projects, including of course their Masterpiece, Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral. Bill also said that, amongst other respected names from this period, he’d worked with Basil Spence, and told me a story about visiting Spence’s home and seeing the fantastic model for the Coventry Cathedral, just sitting in his front room (I guess it was the one in this photo above which Sir Basil is showing to some school kids…)

It was this reminder of Basil Spence that prompted me to complete an unfinished idea for a post on some of his beautiful drawings, that I published on Saturday morning…

Anyway the following day, we headed off with some friends to Dulwich College to the Mid Century Modern Show to see if we could buy some more lovely (but unnecessary) things for our home. We all thought this years event was ridiculously rammed, and not as enjoyable as in previous years, but I’m so glad we went, because I quite literally couldn’t belive my eyes when I saw this…

It’s a truly wonderful, lithograph print of Spence’s beautiful chalk drawing of Coventry Cathedral, which I have only seen used by The London Midland Train Co. for their “Rebirth of Coventry” advert below. My print is about 700 x 940mm, is in perfect condition and is of a very high quality (in fact so good, I wasn’t initially convinced it wasn’t the original, so bright & life like are the chalk marks).

It came in what looks to my untrained eyes like a contemporary teak frame. I was told when I bought it that the picture was previously owned by the original organist of the Cathedral, and was given to him in the late 50’s when the prints were originally made. Of course I have no way of knowing if this is true (and don’t really mind anyway, it’s a nice story, but the print itself is more than enough for me…).

I just had to have it.. A huge, perfect Basil Spence print of Coventry Cathedral.. unbelievable.. I went and got A and asked if a) we could afford it and b) she would she want it up on the wall.. she said yes to both and after some slight haggling and a bit more worry on my part about the cost… I took the plunge and bought it.

Would I have been so keen to buy it if I hadn’t been thinking and writing about Basil Spence over the last few weeks.. possibly, I will never know. But I am so glad that I’ve got it, it makes me happy every time I look at it. And once I’ve reinforced the wall to take its ridiculous weight, it will look absolutely fantastic, taking pride of place in living room…

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