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Geoffrey Baxter @ Whitefriars Glass

September 8, 2010 Leave a comment

Before it closed in the early 1980’s, Whitefriars Glassworks had survived for over 300 years making high quality glass products from its various sites around Temple in Central London

Geoffrey Baxter, a graduate of The Royal College of Arts Industrial Glassware programme and perhaps the studios most well known blower, joined the company in the mid 1950’s and was the first permanent employee to be employed outside of the Powell family, who took over the company in 1834.

Post war Britain realised that Sweden along with Finland and Denmark were pushing glass making forward with the studio glass movement. Baxter took his influences from these Scandinavian designs and combined them with his own contemporary ideas to create a balance between the traditional look and more modern designs using rich, solid colours and strong shapes which in turn put Whitefriars Glass and British glass making back on the map.

Baxter went on to drive the company forward through the 1960’s and 70’s and give it a completely new lease of life. Baxter is probably most famous for his Textured Range launched in 1967. He produced the moulds for this new innovative design at home in his garage. Using found materials such as tree bark, nails, coiled wire, washers and metal scraps, he lined the moulds so that when the glass was blown into them a textured feel was created on the outside. Baxter’s own favourite design was the Cube Vase (or drunken bricklayer) made by using irregular slabs of glass put together to make blocks on top of each other.


Tremaen Pottery

August 15, 2010 Leave a comment

Whilst looking for something else I came across Tremaen Pottery. A small, very stylish pottery studio started in the mid 1960’s by Peter Ellery and based in Newlyn, Cornwall. We really must make an effort to get down there as another favourite ceramic artist of mine Eric Leaper, was also based in Newlyn)

We then tried to buy this rather fine 45cm high Tremaen lamp base from Ebay and very annoyingly lost out in the last 10 seconds by 50p….  I really must learn how to use sniping software…

West German ceramics

June 8, 2010 Leave a comment

I can’t seem to stop acquiring these wonderful West German ceramic vases and pots…..

I like everything about them, their shape, colours, textures, variety. I know next to nothing about them other than they all have WEST GERMANY and a five digit hyphenated number stamped on the bottom.. I should maybe try and find out, but a part of me likes not knowing as it only adds to their attraction.

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